Patented Honeycomb Technology

Design Features


  • A combination of a patented designed spigot, LED lighting kit and low iron glass are required to create the illumination effect (all sold separately).
  • 2205 stainless steel.
  • Surface mount spigot (square).
  • Available in matt black or polished stainless steel.
  • Earthing point located on the base of every spigot.
  • LED lighting can be changed without removing the spigot.
  • RGB controller gives the client sixteen different light colours and three mode settings to choose from.
  • Spare parts are available (LED lights and RGB controller sold separately)


Our patented spigots/pods have been certified by NATA, a world recognised accreditation body’.

Product Specifications



1.45KG – Weight (exc. cover plate)

162mm – Height

95x95mm – Base Plate

11.5mm – Mounting Points

12mm (MAX) – Glass Capacity

Designed in Australia.



When using the illumination Balustrade system, you may find variance in glass brightness due to the following reasons.

  • Location & environment.
  • Time of day/night.
  • Type of glass used. Low iron Starphire glass must be used to create the illumination affect. Normal float glass will not allow the illumination affect to occur.
  • Glass edge polishing. Poorly polished glass edges can affect the illumination.
  • Glass panel size. The larger the glass panel, the less illumination. Additional spigots and lights maybe required to achieve greater illumination on larger glass panels.
  • Altering light kit. Altering or adding additional cable or lights to the light kit could reduce the power supply to each light, therefore decreasing the wattage. This will affect the brightness and could decrease the life span of each globe. Altering the light kit will void the warranty.
  • Website or publication images will vary. No image or video has been photo shopped to enhance product.